Amitabh Bachchan Shared A Fake #9Pm9Minutes photo, Twitter Asked Him To Uninstall WhatsApp

Amitabh Bachchan Shared A Fake #9Pm9Minutes photo, Twitter Asked Him To Uninstall WhatsApp

Social media has indeed given people a vital platform to share their opinion, enhance knowledge, interact with friends and relatives who are far away and exchange information on various topics; however, just like the two sides of a coin, social media has also its positive and negative effects and it completely depends upon the user how he/she utilizes the network. There is no denying the fact that fake messages and false reports spread more easily and faster as they attract people quickly. Netizens often fall a prey to fake forwards and send them to many other people or groups even without verifying whether the news is true or not.

For celebrities, it becomes more important to validate the authenticity of anything they share with their fans in view of the fact that they are followed by a large mass and whatever they post on social media affects a number of people in a very short time. Hence, the spreading of fake pics or news can lead to unfavourable results and something of the similar sort happened with megastar Amitabh Bachchan. Big B is very much active on the virtual world, especially on the micro-blogging site Twitter where he interacts with fans, shares updates and expresses his views over different matters on a regular basis.


We know that the whole world is fighting coronavirus which has been declared as pandemic and taken lives of more than 69,000 while over 12.5 lakhs people are affected with the lethal virus worldwide. If we talk about India only, 109 people have succumbed to COVID-19 which has infected around 4,000 people in the country. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, often interacts with the citizens in this regard and recently, he asked Indians to switch off all the lights of their houses on April 5 at 9 pm, come in balcony and light diya or candles to omit the darkness or corona.

Big B took to Twitter and shared a pic of glowing India on the world map at that time but unfortunately for him, it turned out to be fake and made the actor an object of mockery on social media.

First of all, take a look at Amitabh’s tweet:

This tweet from such a legendary and respected actor didn’t go well with Twitterati and people asked Senior Bachchan to uninstall WhatsApp from his phone. This is how netizens reacted to Big B’s tweet:
















We request our readers to verify the authenticity of anything before sharing it further on social media as it can have disastrous outcome.

Stay at home to stay safe!

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