5 Weird Habits That Became Extremely Normal In 2020 By KillerLaunch.com

5 Weird Habits That Became Extremely Normal In 2020 By KillerLaunch.com

Takeaway: We all have picked on some weird and some good habits in 2020, given the current Covid-19 situation. Which habits do you find the most uncanny? 

Written by: Saumya Uniyal from KillerLaunch.com

We were all filled with how and enthusiasm while foraying our way into the year 2020. Oh, how we ignored the signs that this was going to be the worst of them all, despite noticing the worst calamities from the beginning of the year- Australian bushfires, Second Libyan Civil War, and the Coronavirus pandemic. 


Many didn’t realise the impact of the global pandemic until it hits your country. In India, Lockdown 1 was announced by PM Narendra Modi on 24th March, shutting down all the businesses, schools, institutes, and malls. This was the first time we witnessed a national level lockdown followed by multiple countries from across the world including the US. 

From jobs in Delhi to jobs in Hyderabad, everyone was now stuck in their homes, not knowing that the Work from Home will be their new office. Here are the 5 weird habits that became extremely normal in 2020.

Grocery Shopping in Masks

There are many articles and theories that have been published earlier that state 2020 to be the year full of mishappenings. Today its mandatory for all of us to wear face masks whenever we go outside (which we hardly do), mostly to the grocery stores. Masks, that were only linked to doctors has swept its way into every household.

Social Distancing

Imagine standing one foot apart in a line while buying necessities in a shop. Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore, its a reality! Everyone has been advised to follow social distancing to prevent catching the Covid-19 disease. But, this is India, and Indians have ‘jugaads’ for everything. 

Work From Home

While multiple companies have been offering ‘work from home’ for some time, it has not been a functional aspect for most organizations. However, after the lockdown, we all are writing our startup stories and studying our subjects online. Personal achievement, my parents have stopped saying ‘internet ne barbaad kardiya’ now.

Quarantine & Chill

We the Millenials were so used to having the outgoing lifestyle, where the only time we returned to our rooms was to sleep, that quarantine honestly took a toll on our life. Quarantine and chill is the new lifestyle now, and honestly, I love it. We’ve learnt so many things while staying at home- cooking, time management, and guilt-free binge-watching web series

Sanitize Everything!

This one’s amongst the best habits that we picked up in 2020, but can sometimes be a tedious task. Buying vegetables? Sanitize them! Received parcel? Sanitize them! Went outside? Wash your hands! We even composed songs to practice our 20-second handwash routine. But let’s be real, singing happy birthday while washing your hands in front of the mirror is equally awkward and funny.

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