5 Times Impersonating Efforts Blew Up In The Most Hilarious Ways

Impersonating someone or disguising yourself sometimes is really funny, but what if you into trouble for the same? Well, some people actually landed right into trouble for dressing as someone else and according to the law, it is a serious crime if done for some personal agenda.

Here are some people who tried to disguise themselves as someone else and that totally blew up in their faces.

1. A jail inmate dressed up as a 16-year-old to get out

A gang leader from Brazil dressed as his own daughter who often came to meet him in prison in order to escape his punishment. Clauvino Da Silva, also known as ‘Shorty’ tried to run away from the jail disguised as his daughter but his nervousness got him caught.

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2. Two Mumbaikars disguised as terrorists, arrested by police

Mumbai police recently caught two men who were dressed as terrorists. The news was huge and people hailed the Mumbai police for their bravery and alertness. Later it was known that both were junior actors Balram Ginwala and Arbaaz Khan and were shooting for upcoming movie War.

3. Pakistan man claims himself an Indian on a matrimonial site

A Pakistani man pretended to be an Indian on a matrimonial site and threatened a Mumbai woman for rejecting his marriage proposal. The woman told the media that the man claimed that he was an Indian-based doctor living in London.

4. Bihari man impersonated a woman to run a gang

A man from Bihar dressed as a woman to run a con business. He took the impersonating thing to the next level and even changed his name from Avinash to Monica, alias ‘Goldi’.

5. 30-year-old man disguises himself as 80 years old to go to New York

A 32-year-old Indian man named Jayesh Patel disguised himself as an 81-year-old man. He even dyed his hair and beard white and sat on a wheelchair for extra effect. He was to board a flight from Delhi to New York when CISF personnel caught him at the airport.

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