23 Black Podcasts That Should Already Be On Your Radar, But If They're Not, You're Welcome

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The Pivot Podcast

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The Pivot Podcast / Via youtube.com

After their departure from I Am Athlete, Channing Crowder, Ryan Clark, and Fred Taylor branched off to create their own podcast entitled The Pivot Podcast. With all three of the hosts being former NFL players, the show primarily focuses on speaking with athletes to gain insight on their journeys and life off the field. Each bring a different personality to the show, with Channing being the wildcard who enjoys getting way too personal on his stories. Fred is the soothing and mild-mannered voice of reason, while Ryan sounds like the cool, humorous coach that everyone respects. The majority of their guests are athletes or sports-related personalities; however, with the success of the show, they occasionally bring in superstars such as Kevin Hart. 


85 South Show

The hosts of 85 south podcvast


Jemele Hill Is Unbothered

Jemele Hill headshot.


Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay

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Ringer / Via youtube.com

Since his early days at TMZ, Van Lathan has been a very outspoken media commentator in regards to pop culture. Maybe his most famous moment was confronting Kanye West on his controversial comments. So, it was no surprise that when he left TMZ, he’d go on to create his own media outlet to continue being a media personality. Teaming up with Rachel Lindsay, who is the former lead on The Bachelorette, was a little surprising however. Despite the shocking unification of the two, the end product is great as they talk pop culture, society, trendy news, race, and more. They shine when it comes to holding others accountable on their BS, giving the show a woke daytime talk show vibe. These are two very intelligent people, having very entertaining conversations.  


The Right Time with Bomani Jones

Bomani Jones and Seth Meyers



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BackOnFigg / Via youtube.com

The most entertaining personality in all of west coast media is probably King Trell. After gaining a newfound stardom from his role on the At the End of the Day podcast, Trell created his own podcast entitled BackOnFigg, with the name drawing symbolism to his roots on Figueroa Street in Los Angeles. Trell is an entrepreneur who is a fashion creative, media personality, and music industry veteran. His humor, confidence, willingness to help others, and unfiltered opinions quickly made him a fan favorite. Trell hosts the show alongside his lifelong friend Smac, who is Schoolboy Q’s hype man, and potentially the most energy-filled figure you’ll ever meet. His lingo, energy, and peaceful mentality mesh well with King Trell and results in a great production. The show airs on YouTube every Monday and Friday at 4 p.m., with Trell’s fiancé Heather Sanders making an appearance on Friday’s show. Let the record reflect!


Code Switch

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NPR / Via one.npr.org

Beginning in 2016, the award-winning podcast discusses race, politics, society, and pop culture from a minority point of view. What makes this show unique is the approach to hold conversations about American racism with no filter, sugarcoating, or pandering to a particular demographic. Hosted by journalist Gene Demby, B. A. Parker, Karen Bates, and Lori Lizarraga, the show airs weekly on NPR.


Earn Your Leisure

Hosts of Earn Your Leisure Podcast


Drink Champs

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If I had to name the holy grail of Black podcasts, it would more than likely be Drink Champs. Hosted by legendary rapper N.O.R.E. and his friend DJ EFN, the show aligns with the title as they drink, and drink, and drink some more, which often places guests in a very loose state of mind, leading to a very unfiltered conversation. I’d place them at the holy grail, not necessarily because of podcasting skills, but because of their catalog of guests. They’ve interviewed everyone from Kanye West to DMX, Shaq, Patti LaBelle, and almost any other Black celeb you can think of. You can always count on them to have a legendary guest and to drink, a whole lot.


Checking In with Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams headshot


Still Processing

Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham having a live discussion



AD at House Party Release


Pour Minds

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Pour Minds / Via youtube.com

Two single ladies, Drea and Lex, host the Pour Minds podcast to discuss the dating world, being single, friendships, and more. They enjoy pouring a glass of wine to help them and their guests open up about the struggles of dating in a very humorous and trivial way. Music, movies, and anything else in Black culture also get discussed, as these two love to give their southern perspective on things going on in the world. Check out their interview with Ali Siddiq, and you’ll become an instant fan.


All the Smoke

Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes


Girl Stop Playin’ Podcast

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Koereyelle / Via youtube.com

Hosted by Koereyelle, the Girl Stop Playin’ podcast tackles all of the conversations needed in regards to dating, sex, lifestyle, and more. Each episode, Koereyelle is joined by guests with an interesting take on dating, whether it’s them being polyamorous, not believing in marriage, or thinking cheating is okay. The conversation will certainly be interesting — they’re bound to make you cringe or feel victorious knowing someone out there agrees with you. Any question you have on dating, I’m sure she has an episode discussing it. 


Touré Show

Toure headshot.


Million Dollaz Worth of Game

Hosts of MWOG


The More Purpose Podcast

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More Purpose Podcast / Via youtube.com

Hosted by Virginia natives Clarence Sellers and Marlon Sellers, The More Purpose Podcast gives discussions on faith, finances, society, and mental health. The two gentleman offer their insights on struggles that many young believers will face and offer solutions to these potential battles. As both hosts are creatives and entrepreneurs, they often discuss the balance of fulfilling your purpose while trying to align that with your actual career. In a society where faith can be sensitive to speak on, the hosts take the courageous stance on being confident about their faith-based observations, making for a pretty amazing podcast. 


The Joe Budden Podcast

Joe Budden speaking.


AceBoyz Worldwide

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AceBoyPun / Via youtube.com

If BET: Uncut returns and needs a show to kick it off, they need to call AceBoyPun. AceBoyzWorldwide is possibly the most raw, uncut, turnt up podcast and livestream on YouTube. Hosted by music executive and producer AceBoyPun and his co-host AceBoyTrey every Friday at 9 p.m., they turn their recording studio upside down for a wild night of fun. Mixing interviews, opinions on the latest news, and maybe 10-15 reoccurring guests, this livestream feels like a spring break party for the world to watch. Pun, aka Punstigator, offers a dark humor perspective, while AceBoyTrey gives a laidback and smooth aura. 


HC Pod

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Halfcast Podcast / Via youtube.com

Hailing from the UK, music industry veteran DJ Chuckie hosts a weekly podcast alongside his friends Savage Dan and Poet. Together they form one of the most balanced collection of hosts in all of Black media, as they discuss UK news, music, fashion, culture, and more. The show, which was created by Chuckie, is a staple in the UK media scene and one of the pioneering podcasts that opened the door for many others to follow. Chuckie holds his place as leader of the group with a mature and insightful perspective. Dan offers a very “savage” yet smooth outlook, which led to him becoming a media personality of his own after his success with HC. Poet is passionate, rebellious, intelligent, and wild all at the same time. 


Home Grown Radio

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Home Grown Media Group / Via youtube.com

Hosted by DJ Hed and Chuck Dizzle, Home Grown Radio is a media platform dedicated to helping shine a light on West Coast artists and creatives. They incorporate conversations with veterans such as Ab-Soul, while also having a primary focus on speaking with upcoming Los Angeles artists that deserve to be seen. The podcast really is homegrown, starting out as a college radio broadcast that was hosted in an apartment, to becoming a full network and radio show. Chuck Dizzle, the creator and co-host of HGR, is a media and radio giant who also hosts at 92.3. DJ Hed is a Los Angeles staple in media and music who not only worked in radio for years, but also DJ’d for the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne. Both have a passion for bringing awareness to upcoming LA artists, giving back to the community, and contributing to the entertainment scene in their region. 


Lastly, Know for Sure

B. Simone and Megan Ashey at NBA game.

Let me know some of your favorite Black podcasts below!

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