19 Celeb Facts That Sound Fictional, But Are 100% True

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Celebs might seem relatable on social media and during interviews, but there’s always a little something to remind us that they live in a different world.

Their successes, struggles, and bizarre stories are far beyond the scope of the average person… but they make for incredibly interesting reads.


Oscar Isaac played in numerous ska bands — including one that opened for Green Day — before he was famous.

Oscar Isaac posing on a red carpet


Tina Turner did Angela Bassett’s hair and makeup near the end of shooting What’s Love Got to Do with It — and she did it significantly faster than the film’s stylist.

Angela Bassett smiling and posing on a red carpet


Do you love having Saturdays and Sundays off from work? Sir Ian McKellen’s great-great-grandfather helped invent the concept of the weekend as we know it.

Sir Ian McKellen sitting and posing for a photo


Lady Gaga is the first woman in history to win a Grammy Award, BAFTA Award, Academy Award, and Golden Globe Award in a single year.

Lady Gaga posing on a red carpet


Tom Hardy made rap music in the ’90s.

Tom Hardy smiling on a red carpet


Michael B. Jordan was literally KO’d while filming Creed.

Michael B Jordan speaking into a microphone


In the ’90s, Michelle Yeoh received so many offers for stereotypical (borderline racist) roles that she chose not to work for two years instead.

Michelle Yeoh posing in front of a white background


Salma Hayek painted temporary butterfly tattoos on herself for the 1998 MTV VMAs because designers refused to lend her jewelry for public appearances.

Salma Hayek waving at the cameras on a red carpet


Abel Tesfaye (now known as The Weeknd) heard his music in public for the first time while working at American Apparel… and his coworkers had no idea it was his song.

The Weeknd posing on a red carpet


Ariana Grande’s last name isn’t pronounced the way you think it is.

Ariana Grande posing on the Grammys red carpet


Henry Golding is a fully trained hairstylist.

Henry Golding smiling


In 2020, Harry Styles became the first man ever to nab a solo appearance on the cover of US Vogue.

Harry Styles posing on a red carpet


Nicki Minaj was the first female rapper ever to perform at Yankee Stadium.

Nicki Minaj posing on a red carpet


Jason Momoa fabricated a story about being a model while auditioning for Baywatch Hawaii… and he got the gig.

Jason Momoa posing on a red carpet


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had male breast reduction surgery.

Dwayne Johnson posing and smiling for a photo


Zendaya watches Harry Potter about once a day.

Zendaya smiling


Timothée Chalamet had a rap persona called “Lil’ Timmy Tim” as a teenager, which he summoned for a high school statistics project.

Timothée Chalamet posing for a photo


Jennifer Lawrence dropped out of middle school, so she doesn’t have a GED or a diploma.

Jennifer Lawrence posing and smiling on a red carpet


Bill Murray was arrested at the age of 20 for trying to catch a flight with 10 pounds of marijuana in his luggage.

Bill Murray on stage speaking into a microphone

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