18 "You" Season 4 Behind-The-Scenes Facts, Straight From The Showrunner Herself

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🚨 Warning: HUGE spoilers for the ENTIRETY of You Season 4 (i.e. both parts). 🚨

If you’re a fan of the Netflix show You, then one of the folks you have to thank is Sera Gamble. As well as being the showrunner, she’s also acted as a executive producer and writer on the series.

So, as a long-time lover of You, I was elated to get to (virtually) sit down with Sera and talk about how Season 4 came together. Here’s what I learned:

Once again: HUGE spoilers ahead.


Season 4 was inspired by two things: The need to have Joe “look himself in the eye” and a desire to try a murder mystery.


The most “rigorous process” in casting Season 4 was to find who would play Kate and Rhys.


And the easiest person for Sera to cast was Lukas Gage as Adam.


Actors were encouraged to pitch their own lines — especially to make the dialogue sound more authentically British.


And there was one instance where the difference between the British and American understanding of “suspenders” caused confusion in the costume department.


You uses intimacy coordinators, who will have conversations about any intimate scenes with the actors, ideally meaning that “They have no reason to say that they’re comfortable with something they’re uncomfortable with.”


A meeting was held over what kind of Prince Albert piercing to give Malcolm.


Sera agreed with the fans who wanted to see Love return — but there were plenty of logistical challenges with the reunion scene of all the exes.


It was decided that Joe would end up back in New York before work began on Season 4.


But we shouldn’t “assume that Kate leaves the season really knowing everything.”


Sera said that she show had “zero interest in letting Joe off the hook.”


And that the show has been influenced by the cultural conversation surrounding #MeToo around it.


Due to all the twists and turns throughout the season, one writer had the “full time job of tracking the secret appendix pages,” because of how many versions of each scene had to be shot.


Penn Badgley directed Episode 9, aka the episode with “the longest stretch of no Joe.”


Season 4 is full of Easter Eggs — including some shoutouts to Taylor Swift.


The character of Rhys is partially based on the idea that “we romanticize the political outsider as being more authentic” and acts as a “heroic version of Joe that he wants to see.”


Netflix approached the creators to ask them if they’d be interested in splitting the season into two parts — which meant that Sera had to be “patient” for people to understand “why the first half is structured that way.”


Season 5, should it go ahead, will be set in New York.

Thanks for talking to us, Sera! You Season 4 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Note: Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.

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