10 Food Businesses That You Can Start With Minimum Investment

Food business is one of the most lucrative businesses in India in the present times and the best thing about this sector is that many low investment business options are available for aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you also want to enter food industry but don’t have much to invest, here are 10 food business ideas which can be started with low investment:

1. Cooking classes:

This can be one of the best choices if you are a good cook and want to start a business with very low investment as cooking classes can be started from home with less inventory.

2. Catering services:

Catering services can also be started from home but the owner needs to have a skillful staff which should be available on time in order to provide the services at an event.

3. Papad production:

Papad production is a small-scale industry in India which means that it can be started with low investment but as Papad is a delicious snack, its demand in the market is quite high.

4. Bakery

With the help of Internet, a person can start bakery business from home and provide home delivery option also if he doesn’t have resources to rent a shop. The bakery items are very popular nowadays, especially among the youth.

5. Pickle production

Pickles give an extra flavour to meals and make it tastier. People like to have pickles which are home-made as they are without chemical preservatives and good quality products are used. It’s indeed a quite easy option to start with when a person is short on investment.

6. Nutrition coach

Taking care of other people’s health by guiding them about their diets is also a good career option. However, you need to have undergone proper training and certification for this purpose.

7. Ice-cream and softy corner

Ice-cream and softy corner can also be opened by renting a small shop and the owner can start with limited flavours. As the business grows, the owner can increase the flavours and can also add shakes in the menu.

8. Food on wheels

Food trucks have become a popular choice of food business owners as it gives them the option of visiting different locations. However, the food truck owners need to choose their items carefully as they have limited space to work.

9. Juice shop

People are slowly becoming more and more aware about the health benefits of fruit juices and they love to flock around a juice shop which provides them with healthy juices at reasonable prices.

10. Organic store

Setting up an organic food store is also a good option as nowadays people don’t mind paying a little extra for healthy food items. The competition is also pretty less presently which makes it an attractive option.

So what business are you going for?

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